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Welcome, bienvenue, bun venit to our new secretary!
Date: 06.03.2015

We are happy to welcome our new secretary, Florina Potîrniche, who, thanks to a grant provided by Renovabis, will be joining Brenda in ensuring the administrative work behind MIJARC Europe. We hope the time spent with MIJARC will be extremely beneficial to Florina and we wish her all the best in this new endeavour.

"I remember it was snowing very heavily back in Romania when I was writing my application for the MIJARC's call for a new secretary and I was afraid that maybe the documents would not reach MIJARC's address in time because of the extreme weather conditions. I said to myself then that if I could defeat that awful weather then I would definitely be selected. Imagine how extreme the weather conditions were!

Having been involved in MIJARC's work for the past three years as European Coordinator for Romania, I already knew that this was going to be a wonderful learning experience that would help me flatten some of those sharp edges of mine and make me more tolerant, sensitive and aware of the world's diversity. I felt that it was the right time to step behind the curtain and do some work behind the scene. It turned out that the team too trusted I was ready to do that and there it was: the amazing news that I had been selected.

Today has been my first day in the office, trying to keep up with Brenda's presentation and explanation of different aspects of MIJARC's work, bombarding her with questions and doing my best to control my fears, doubts and uncertainties, constantly repeating to myself that, with time, everything will find its right place in my head and that in the end I will feel as if I have been working here forever.

I am sure this experience will transform me into a better human being, it will open up countless opportunities and it will show its worth when I will least expect it to. My only hope is that throughout this entire process I will raise to the team's expectations, I will be ready to embrace my mistakes and learn from them and I will take time to enjoy the multicultural, diverse and at the same time unique atmosphere of being part of an international organisation.

I would like to thank MIJARC Europe and Renovabis for this great opportunity and also APDD-Agenda 21 for trusting me and supporting all my work. "