Be rural, believe in You(th), create the Europe of tomorrow!


Elections 2009

You(th) can make the Europe of Tomorrow!
2009 is the year of European Elections and MIJARC Europe couldn't lose this opportunity to make the voice of rural youth to be heard!

A flyer specially designed for the local groups of KLJ Belgium, KLJB Germany, MRJC France, MJRC Spain, JARC Portugal, EiR Poland and CSF Bulgaria was prepared and translated in 8 languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Flemish, Polish, and Bulgarian), being disseminated to 130.000 rural youngsters in 7 countries of Europe.

This flyer aims at:
> informing local groups about the European elections and inviting them to go to vote;
> inviting local groups to send postcards to the candidates in the elections to present our 5 proposals for Europe;
> inviting them to act locally by organizing meetings with MEPs, candidates in the European elections, public debates with local population, etc

Meetings with MEPs and candidates in the European elections
16/02/2009 - Haute-Epine (France) - 20 representatives of MIJARC Europe met theFrench MEP (and candidate) Brigitte Fouré to officially launch their campaign "YOU(th) can make the Europe of tomorrow!".

11/03/2009 - Strasbourg (France) - The national council of MRJC met 7 French MEPs (Mr Cavada, Mrs Trautman, Mr Guellec, Mr Lipietz, Mr Hamon, Mr Denanot, Mr Le Foll) during their parliamentary session in Strabourg to exchange about the issues of agriculture, education and employement).

31/03/2009 - Brussels (Belgium) - A delegation of 20 young people from KLJB Regensburg came to Brussels to visit the EU institutions. Together with Geoge Dixon (President of MIJARC World), Jürgen Westermann and Emilie Durochat, they met theGerman MEP Manfred Weber and candidate in the new elections. They presented to him the campaigns of MIJARC Europe and MIJARC World.

Local Actions
KLJB Germany - dioceze of Regensburg - People from KLJB Regensburg have launched a campaign called "Wahlfänger" to make young people aware about the upcoming European elections and to invite them to go to vote on the 7th of June 2009. They printed a postcard which was spread by the local groups in the villages and local shops of the dioceze of Regensburg. Download the postcard here.

Press and Publications
Letters to MEPs and European Parliament Committees
Letter to MEPs Committee of Agriculture and Rural Development
Letter to MEPs Committee of Culture and Education
Letter to MEPs Committee of Employment and Social Affairs
Letter to MEPs Committee of Environment
General letter to MEPs

Press Releases
Campaign Launching (FR)
MRJC - Elections Européennes (FR)
Lettre Ouverte (FR)

"You(th) can make the Europe of Tomorrow!" #1
"You(th) can make the Europe of Tomorrow!" #2

Other publications on the European Elections
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