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Migration - Challenge for European Rural Development

Welcome to this space where we present you to our campaign 2013 about Migration!

This campaign is a follow-up of our project "Migration - Challenge for European Rural Development".

This year we have created 3 campaign tools:
A campaign video, gathering general information about migration, our seminar in 2012 and some commitments and demands which resulted from the work developed during the seminar. We invite you to watch it here bellow
(by clicking you'll be redirect to a new window where you can choose to watch it in full HD quality and full screen):

A toolkit compiling several activities/games that were used during our seminar, to help youth leaders exploring the topic of Migration in their groups. Click on the image to download it:

A Position Paper, built from the conclusions of our seminar, expressing the commitments and demands of MIJARC Europe member movements, as we have been doing in the previous years. This document constitutes a lobby tool for MIJARC Europe and its member movements. You can check it here.

Making these tools available, we wish to empower MIJARC Europe member movements and all rural young people to engage in puting forward the commitments and demands expressed in the position paper and taking concrete actions concerning migrants' situations, especially in rural areas in Europe. Please, send us short reports (if possible with pictures) about how you campaigned or how you used these tools.

Good work!

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