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Summer Camp - Rising temperatures, rising voices
Date: 31.05.2016

Together with GUG, MIJARC Europe is preparing its upcoming Summer Camp planned to take place in Gozo, Malta, between the 18th (arrival day) and 24th (departure day) of August.

Three energetic participants from each member movement are invited to join the “Rising temperatures-rising voices” Summer Camp. Our desire is to have a greater impact through our interconnected activities which are part of our annual work plan. Because of this, it is preferrable that the young people who wish to join us in the Summer Camp adventure, had previously participated at the Online Training Course “In the mood for climate change” and/or the Seminar “Youth Energy Powering the Future”.

As the title says “Rising temperatures – rising voices”, the international summer camp will try to teach young people how to make their voices heard against global warming and climate changes, in a fun and creative way.

Under the main topics of climate change and sustainability, the current Summer Camp aims at:
• Encouraging young people to develop creative tools to raise awareness at grass root level and to act as advocates for taking action on climate change in their organisations and their communities;
• Exchanging about creative campaigning tools and good practices for mobilizing people in the rural areas
• Developing materials and tools for implementing a European campaign by the means of interconnected local campaigns;
• Exploring what paths, approaches and tools to use as individuals and as organisations to put pressure on local, national and European authorities to respect the commitments taken towards climate change;
• Preparing a group of enthusiastic advocates against climate change that are able to lead local campaigns and coordinate their efforts

Following the See-Judge- Act methodology, the Summer Camp represents the ACT steps, as for 5 days, 19th to 23rd of August, we will engage creativity in our activities and design tools. The participants as mentioned above should be young people aged 18-30, from rural areas in Europe, active in their sending organisation, committed to implement a local campaign after the summer camp and preferably with the proven ability to mobilise young people and rural communities. Through the method "See, Judge and Act" the participants will engage in activities based in non-formal and informal learning such as working groups, field visits, pedagogical games, icebreakers and energizers, clues game, debate/discussions on the topics of the activity, quiz, thematic evenings, presentations by each country, plenary sessions, interaction with the host community and preparation of dissemination and exploitation of results material.

If you are interested in joining this Summer Camp, download the call and the registration form attached or contact your local movement and ask them for details.

This activity is co-financed by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation.