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Series of local trainings on youth unemployment - "One plus one equals more than two"
Date: 12.11.2015

We continue the series of articles on the final phase of our annual work plan "Let's build our future together! - opening the door to the labor market", which if co-financed by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation . After taking part to our international training course "Let me lead you(th) to success" and after learning about youth unemployment, the participants went back in their countries and acted as multipliers, organizing a local training course on youth unemployment for young people in their movements.

“1+1>2” training course brought together the representatives of Armenian youth organizations
“1+1>2” training course brought together the representatives of Armenian youth organizations and rural unemployed youth on November 10, the world international youth day. Announcing 2016 as a year of decreasing the youth unemployment, Atom Mkhitaryan the president of Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia, delivered a massage to the youth, highlighting statistics on youth unemployment. The training course was dedicated to decrease the youth unemployment through creation of new job opportunities.

The main method of overcoming the youth unemployment in regions and rural areas is to establish favorable conditions of entrepreneurship, which will be focused by young people’s potential and capacity. During the one-day training course the youth gained knowledge about the characteristics of entrepreneurship, how to launch new ideas, how to effectively use the media tools and work correctly with the public.

As a participants of “Let Me Lead You(th) to Success” project funded by European Youth Foundation , Atom Mkhitaryan and Astghik Avetisyan introduced the mission and structure of MIJARC international organization. All the participants were afterwards involved in a “chair game” developed on non-formal education methodology, which was aimed to break the stereotype of an idea that job searching is useless, just on the contrary, the youth should be creative and find their own place in this life.

The invited young entrepreneurs presented their own keys to success and shared their experience with the participants. New ideas were born on the spot and FYCA will be involved in the implementation of that projects.

With the help of workshop organizers, the participants revealed the idea of “1+1>2” at the end of the project: that is the youth’s success is bigger when they are united and act targeted supporting each other.