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Series of local trainings on youth unemployment - "Find your own place"
Date: 26.11.2015

We continue the series of articles on the final phase of our annual work plan "Let's build our future together! - opening the door to the labor market", which if co-financed by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation . After taking part to our international training course "Let me lead you(th) to success" and after learning about youth unemployment, the participants went back in their countries and acted as multipliers, organizing a local training course on youth unemployment for young people in their movements.

Find your own place
We, the three Bulgarian youth workers who took part in MIJARC’s international training “Let me lead you(th) to success”, financed by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation, implemented a follow up activity in Bulgaria. It was a training course called “Find your own place”. This event took place between 21st and 22nd of November 2015 in the beautiful town of Koprivshtitsa. The training brought together 10 participants from over the country. They are unemployed rural youngsters who are in transition from education to professional life and young volunteers interested in the topic of youth unemployment.

The main training aim was to increase participants’ awareness about the youth unemployment realities and to empower them in finding a successful realisation at the labour market.

During the first day the participants explored the youth unemployment realities in Europe and Bulgaria in particular. They were focusing on the high level of youth unemployment rate, the reasons for this and the different approaches in solving them. In order to organise these training sessions in a funny way we used the skills and tools gained during the MIJARC’s projects, of course adapted to the Bulgarian context. We used also the great group diversity (people from different parts of Bulgaria) and similarities (youngsters coming from rural areas) to have more different points of view to the youth unemployment topic.

During the second day the participants were focused on their personal employability, working skills and motivation to work. The Position paper and European best practices prepared by the participants in MIJARC’s projects were also presented. Our participants reflected on the Position paper and discussed how some of the examples of best practices could be implemented in Bulgaria. The training finished with a visit to a guest house which is a good example of a successful private business of one young and entrepreneurial person.