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Series of local trainings on youth unemployment - Social projects in Turkey
Date: 15.01.2016

We continue the series of articles on the final phase of our annual work plan "Let's build our future together! - opening the door to the labor market", which if co-financed by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation . After taking part to our international training course "Let me lead you(th) to success" and after learning about youth unemployment, the participants went back in their countries and acted as multipliers, organizing a local training course on youth unemployment for young people in their movements.

Social projects in Turkey
Following the international training course that I attended in Malta, "Let me lead you(th) to success", organised by MIJARC Europe and financed by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation, S&G organised a local training course on youth unemployment. The purpose of the project was to apply in Turkey what we had done/learned with MIJARC Europe. Therefore, I tried to use the methods that I learned in Malta. The participants were from different countries like Serbia, Macedonia or Spain, therefore, first we did ice breaking games to meet each other and learn names. Then, I gave a short introduction about the problem of youth unemployment in Europe and what we had done in Malta to find solution to this. After that, we divided into 2 groups and each group reflected on the difficulties young people face, stereotypes of employers, and how to solve this by using different methods like creating social projects. After each group presented what they did, people from different countries explained how the youth situation in their countries was and what is the rate of youth unemployed and what would be the best example of good practice they would choose to solve the youth unemployment. Lastly, we evaluated the project and got some ideas how to it better.