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Goodbye, good luck but stay close
Date: 05.10.2015

At our last team meeting in September we officially said goodbye to Jan Vanwijnsberghe who resigned after a two-year mandate as member of the European Team. However, we are confident that we can always count on Jan to help us whenever we need him.

Jan had been a member of the European Team for two years and for the past year he held the position of President of MIJARC Europe. Representing our full member movement KLJ-Belgium, Jan first got into contact with MIJARC Europe when he took part to the MIJARC World GA in Sri Lanka in 2013. He became more interested in the activity of MIJARC Europe, so in August 2013 at our Orientation General Assembly held in Poland, he decided to present his cadidacy for a place in the European Team and he was elected.

In his two-year mandate Jan focused on the topic of agriculture, on specific measures to contribute to the development of MIJARC Europe's member movements and on ways to support the exchange between member movements. Also, Jan contributed a lot to strengthening the structure of MIJARC Europe, setting procedures and guidelines to be used by the future members of the team and managing together with the rest of the team to affiliate three new observer member movements during his mandate.

Apart from his professional activity, Jan has also been a great friend and team player. He succeeded in creating a true Europen Team back in 2014, when three new members joined the team and he was the only "old" one using his experience and his leadership skills to facilitate the transition process and make use of the uniqueness and added value each new member brought to the team. Even though he resigned one year before his mandate was officially over, in order to follow other career opportunities, Jan has stayed close to the Team and has helped with the transition process throughout this period. Above all, we know the he will always stay close to MIJARC and that we can always count on his help when we need it.

Dear Jan, we wish you all the best in all your initiatives and may you always have the energy to pursue your dreams and inspire people just as you have inspired us!

The MIJARC Europe Team and Staff