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General Assembly of MJRC - Ecology and MJRC
Date: 15.01.2016

Not long ago talking about topics such as “ climate change” and “responsible consume”, etc. seemed associated with people determined to deter the pace of growth which, as thought, would be beneficial for all of us. Today we know that this is not the case…Today we know that this growth pace is affecting all of us as a result of our actions- we are drastically reducing the finite products of our planet. Some of us still think that, this pace, only serves to a small number of people that benefit from it, having at risk the majority of the beings living on this planet, humans included.

Aware of this issue and of the responsibility of the individual, from the Movimiento de Jovenes Rurales Cristianos, that met in Cuellar between the 18th and 20th of December, we send the following message to whomever wants to hear…

First of all, our rejection of a society that has as final purpose the economical growth, one that is committed to a culture where “ the finances drown the real economy” (LS109), causing distraction at the human level, suffocating the villages, manipulating the science, subjugating the politics and leading our planet towards a critical point. This is why we are telling our politicians to take a step and assume their responsibility and not to act in the advantage of their votes but by respecting the more ecological opinion that “ ca affect the consume level or endanger the foreign investments” (LS 178). We believe that “the politics should not comply to the economics” (LS 189), but to its village and the common good, this is why we are ready to, having in mind the respect and the no to violence, go on the streets and make pressure to recover what is ours: the democracy.

On the second place our convincement that, as the Pope says, “ the environment is a collective good, the patrimony of all humanity and the responsibility of all of us” (LS 95). Additionally us, as youth that live in direct contact with the environment, we consider ourselves privileged and more importantly, responsible for its caring and protection. This is why we take this responsibility, aware that, working for nature is working for the common good.

On the third place we want to make a call for the hope, because we are convinced that “ love can do more” and that no system can cancel for good the capacity of truth, good and beauty in “ the capacity of the reaction that God continues to give to us”. We know we can and we should create an alternative life style capable of determining “ a change in the society” (LS 208), and for this we should assume our social responsibility as consumers and make a change in our life style.

And us, as young Christians aware of the ecology, as the Pope reminded us, it belongs to our faith, we want to assume this alternative life style in the middle of this “technoeconomic paradigm” (LS 53). We want to engage our hands and heart in the care and protection of our “ common house”.

Cuellar, 20th of December 2015

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