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The European year for development: everyone's year
Date: 23.01.2015

2015 is both a new beginning and a deadline

2015 is a special year for development. It is the first ever European Year to deal with the European Union's external action and Europe’s role in the world. For development organisations all over Europe it is an unparalleled opportunity to showcase Europe's commitment to eradicating poverty worldwide and to inspire more Europeans to get engaged and involved in development. 2015 is also the year in which the Millennium Development Goals that the world agreed to reach in 2000, and in which the international community will agree on the future global framework for poverty eradication and sustainable development.

What is the plan of EU?
In 2015 they want to explain to European citizens how EU development aid works and to demonstrate that it makes a real and lasting difference. They will show taxpayers how their money is being put to the best possible use in empowering our fellow human beings around the world who are mired in poverty through no fault of their own to make a living for themselves, their families and their communities. During the year they will shine the spotlight on people in our partner countries and highlight work in the field.

Find our more about the European year for development here. This website is your gateway to the vibrant and multifaceted world of EU development cooperation. Check the partners in this project from all over Europe, read stories from all over the world and find out how you can get involved!