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The adventurer's guide to the European Coordination
Date: 26.03.2015

Since last year almost the entire team of MIJARC Europe was changed, three new movements joined and the European Coordination will be a first-time experience for about 60% of the participants, we thought a short and simple guide on the event would come in handy.

1. First, keep calm and follow the Statutes and the Rules of Procedure. The rules of "what"??? Well, the documents that regulate how MIJARC Europe works.
• According to the Statutes, the European Coordination is the observing body. It consults, supports and observes the European Team. It is the highest decision-making body between the General Assemblies.
• The delegates in the European Coordination are called "European Coordinators". Ahaa!!! Did not see that coming, did you? They are nominated by each national movement and they are elected during the General Assembly.
• The European Coordination takes place once a year and as we are a very open and friendly organisation, other people, apart from the European Team and the European Coordinators, can be invited.

2. Don't worry if you don't understand all those abbreviations: OGA[1], CER[2] or EYF[3]. There will be someone who does. You just have to ask.

3. What will you do during the European Coordination?
• The short answer: you will be talking. A lot!
• The long answer: you will check and supervise the work of the European Team (Executive Board), you will verify the budgets and accounts and give a proposal to the General Assembly to vote on the financial report, you will help the European Team implement the decision taken by the General Assembly but you will also meet people from different countries, exchange realities and have fun.

4. Glad that it is over? Don't feel so relaxed because now it's when you'll start the real hard work. Once the European Coordination is over, it is your task to take back to your movement the information you received during the event and to implement in your own country the decisions that were taken during the meeting. Remember that we count on you to do this. MIJARC is you!
See you in Dilbeek!

[1] Orientation General Assembly - it is the name that MIJARC Europe uses for the General Assembly that takes place every four years, after MIJARC World had its own assembly. The only difference between a GA and an OGA is that the OGA is composed of a larger number of participants from full member organisations.

[2] Committee of External Representation - a group of volunteers whose job is to represent MIJARC Europe at different international events, such as meetings, training courses or events of our partner organisations.

[3] European Youth Foundation - a fund established the Council of Europe, in order to provide financial support to European youth activities. The EYF is one of MIJARC Europe's main donors.