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ACCESS TO WATER- essentiel condition for food sovereignty
On 16 October 2007, world food day, MIJARC focused on "Access to water, essential condition for food sovereignty”

Right to water is a key concern for MIJARC and we promote this right of the common people, as water is not a commodity for trade but it is a resource for lifeand humanity .

Alongside sunlight, water is the crucial processor in transporting matter and energy fromintercontinental to intercellular dimensions. Maintaining it preserves life in its natural environment, and secures the diversity of the ecosystems and the species as well as the conditions for further evolution. Moreover, water is an element that shapes nature and that, beyond its immediate use, is seen by human beings as a symbol of life. Almost everywhere in the world, historical experience and the stability, health and development requirements of larger communities have resulted in the organisation of water supply and waste watermanagement as a responsibility of municipalities and communities. This entails demands on water as a common good that are understood as part of providing for human life as such. Community welfare-oriented availability of water is acommon heritage

All the cradles of human civilisations are originated at the river banks as for the growth of humanity and development water is quite essential. Whether its for washing or bathing , for cultivating, for industry or for drinking or eating primarily water is very much needed. The presence of water makes earth unique for the living beings. In this blue planet all the water resources such asrivers ,streams , wells etc are abundant with good water to use as well as the seas, oceans are rich with minerals and salts ; Water has been considered as a common good in the past history of mankind but last few decades onwards water resources has been tightly controlled by transnational corporations as well as other private sectors which considers it as a commodity which can bring profit. The recent generation also lives in the bottled water culture thus makes water very expensive so that ordinary people cannot afford it anymore.

Rural areas are still worth with water resources. Seeing the emerging water crisis at various areas we have to be very cautious and consider it as our duty to protect the existing resources so that people in rural areas can still have access to it. Considering the above facts we want to draw the attention of our members on the current 3 major problematic areas related to water: Hydraulic river engineering with massive impacts, pollution of water and the privatisation water resources.

Take actions on the following regard on the basis of your analysis.
1) Raise awareness on water shed management , rain water harvesting etc in grassroot levels
2) Stimulate public debate on water issues and their sustainable solutions both in north and south
3) Lobby for the recognition of the right to water
4) Ensure the local control of protection and fair distribution of the natural water resources
5) Preserve the freshwater ecosystems .
6) Build up forums/ Netwoks/ platforms against the privatisation of water and exploitation of water resources