Stay rural, start a project



MIJARC wants to change the agricultural environmenton the basis of the Christian spirit for the creation of a new society, a new person and a rural world based on justice, peace anddurability, supporting a sustainable development and defending the human rights.

As young people and actors, we contribute and promote the development of agricultural and rural areas all over the world.

Sustainable development:
- Justice between current and future generations
- Balance between economy, environment and social factors
- Justice and solidarity among the countries of the world
- Autonomy, self-sufficiency, sovereignty

MIJARC is an actor in rural areas that helps young people to get organized and to become critical actors that transform their village, region and country. By means of “training in action” and the methodology “to see-judge-act”, young people are able to improve their living conditions and to generate incomes. Therefore, they see how rural areas can become attractive and viable for young people