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About us

The International Movement of Catholic Agricultural Rural Youth is an international movement with member movements in four continents.

Rural youth from 18 to 35 years commit themselves in these rural youth movements. They locally contribute to the sustainable rural development. At all the levels, the decisions are made democratically and the teams of management are elected in order to direct the movements. At the regional or national level, there are full timers who support the work of the volunteers.

MIJARC is an organisation of young people for young people with young people. The training organised by MIJARC accompanies the local initiatives of the rural youth like income generating projects in agriculture, cooperatives or micro-enterprises. Through the reflection of the movement, the rural youth interests are represented within society and the Church. MIJARC is recognized by the Vatican, has consultative status in UNESCO, FAO, ILO, ECOSOC and collaborates with the Conference of ICOs, CIDSE/Caritas International and IPC, the International Planification Commitee.