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About us

MIJARC Asia was founded in 1980’s in India and it’s the Asian Wing of the MIJARC International. MIJARC Asia works on the goals and objectives of MIJARC world. MIJARC was founded in 1954 in Annevoie, Belgium and functioning in over 40 countries of Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Europe continents. MIJARC ASIA consists of 11 active national movements with millions of agricultural and rural young people as actors of changing the rural areas. Asian Team consists of 2 coordinators, chaplain and Project manager cum Advisor.

Vision-MIJARC Asia
"MIJARC Asia is committed to construct a just World" filled with the gospel values and democratic principles through vibrant resourceful and dedicated youth from Rural and Agriculture situation.

The primary purpose of MIJARC ASIA is the sustainable development of rural areas all over the Asia. In this regard, MIJARC members:
- Contribute to social development in their villages
- Take up actions to protect the environment in their region
- Receive and give training in sustainable agriculture
- Work on issues related to fair globalization, discuss policies of the World Trade Organization.