Stay rural, start a project



The African Assembly was held in Uganda in May 2008 before the World General Assembly. The Venue was pope Paul Memorial Hotel with a membership of 11 countries namely Uganda, Zambia,Burkina Faso, Congo Brazzaville, Congo Kinshasa, Senegal, Benin, Togo,Cameroun,Central African Republic and Kenya. Mali, Tchad, Tanzania and madagascar did not attend.The Asssembly gave the african delegates opportunity to revise the statutes and analyse the situation on the African continent concerning their activities, opportunities and challenges.

The Assembly was a success and a new action plan was drawn and at the end a new team for coordination was elected with two African coordinators Tibashoboka Hona (Uganda) and Melani Faye (Senegal). It was a remarkable election which saw all the two positions swept by women. With this new blood, all the African delegates were enthusiastic of a new era with such a committed team. These will be accompanied by a Chaplain Fr. Obi (Zambia).

The coordinators stated their work there after but it is astragal for every one to try and make the Rural World abetter place to live in and stop the Urban Rural Migration with the creation of Solidality Economic projects .