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International Conference of NGOs 2022 (ICNGO22) Story

I am delighted to have represented the International Movement of Catholic Agricultural and Rural Youth (MIJARC) at the International Conference of NGOs 2022 (ICNGO22) held from 14 to 16 December 2022 at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris! The theme of this extraordinary gathering was "Breaking barriers – What role for civil society organizations towards a sustainable future"

Representatives from UNESCO's 400+ partner NGOs met in person and online for three days to evaluate and debate the work of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee. it was also the time for voting the new liaison committee and chairperson

Personally,It was my first time attending this meeting as a young leader. I experienced how to lead the election, open discussion on different subjects of different generations with different mindsets. This debate was giving me the space to raise the voice of the youths to be a part of the liaison committee in order to contribute to implementing the vision and the mission of NGO-UNESCO as future generations.

As a youth, I am encouraged to see other youth leaders and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) assisting youngsters.with other youth representatives, We were able to make youth engagement one of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee’s key areas by working together.Our voice is powerful and necessary in shaping the world we live in. Engaging with UNESCO and its work is one way to make a meaningful impact. As Youth, we can get involved and contribute to these critical efforts. We will not let this opportunity pass us by.

Civil society is the central pillar of any democratic country.Young people mobilize and act in unconventional ways as the traditional civil society and reach differently. Contributions of various sectors should be viewed at eye-level in order to evolve together, as a whole society.Last but not least, it was a great pleasure to meet the younger generation at ICNGO! Awesome to see young people involved and engaged!

Primarily, I would like to express many thanks to the MIJARC world team for having confidence in me to present the movement.Special thanks goes to the youth representatives, the ICNGO Liaison Committee, and NGOs for all your hard work in making this conference inspiring, memorable, and engaging!

Written by NSABIMANA Pacifique
MIJARC World treasure